Thursday, January 19, 2012

"'Tis healthy to be sick sometimes"

     So this week I wanted to talk about being sick!  I am so sick of being sick!! I am from the Chicago area and I know I should be used to this but quite frankly I am not! As I am laying in bed let me explain what I have been going through this past week!  Last week it was 55 degrees outside, to us thats beautiful!! Everyone was outside in hoodies and some jeans, running, biking, doing chores outside.  Than BAM! the next day we got 6 inches of snow...Now I dont know if thats global warming or what it is but that is not normal! 
     Anyway the whole point of me explaining what our weather has been like is to show everyone has been sick since than!  The weather goes up and down and it not only messes with us, it messes with our sleep!  I have had this terrible cold for almost a week now and it is driving me crazy! 

1.) I hate stuffy noses (what is the point in that)
2.) I hate coughing and having a dry throat.
3.) I hate feeling like I cannot do anything!!

Like most people I hope that you dont like any of the above that I have listed! 
Although than I got to thinking when I saw Henry Thoreau's quote "'Tis healthy to be sick sometimes"  and I guess it does make sense for us to be sick and for our immune system to get stronger blah blah blah.  But honestly I hate it so for all your reading this I am going to post a link that I find has great little hints on how to stay away from the common cold!!
Stay Warm & Stay Healthy :)



Monday, January 9, 2012

Blue Ivy Welcomed Big!!!

Celebrities Going Overboard?

     Well congratulations to Beyonce & Jay-Z for there daughter Blue Ivy!  She was born Saturday night 1/7/2012!  I am very happy for the two that have been trying to conceive for a while now.  However, there were some extreme measures taken that I thought were ridiculous....
       She had given birth in New York Lenox Hospital and of course they had to make it such a big deal.  The couple had the ENTIRE 6th floor of the hospital under lockdown with their own private security and had asked residents to evacuate...really?  One woman who was in labor had to leave her room with her entire family so that Beyonce and Jay-Z could give birth to their baby girl.  She told E! news "I was almost restrained and so were my children. It was bad because look who they are. They been pushing, tugging, [saying], 'Ma'am you have to move. This is a secluded area" Another man could not visit his two daughters on the sixth floor, they are premature babies, and he was not even allowed access!  The more I kept reading and seeing about this on the television the more I thought WOW these celebrities now-a-days are going overboard with even a special thing like giving child birth.  I understand that maybe she would need security for fans to not run into her room, but the fact they had to rent out the ENTIRE sixth floor and ruin other peoples special day is RIDICULOUS.  Once again I am so happy for the couple but at the same time its like you do not have to act like a diva for everything. 
     On another note about 48 hours later Jay-Z had released a song about Blue!  It is titled glory you can listen to it if you want, Ill put a link on the bottom, but basically talking about how she is going to change his life and how much of a beauty she is to him.  One line I liked was "You're the child of destiny/You're the child of my destiny/You're my child with the child from Destiny's Child/That's a helluva recipe."  Another quote expressing his happiness "The most amazing feeling I feel, words can't describe what I'm feeling for real."  Than I was suprised with the next quote he talks about the miscarriage he had with Beyonce and how now everything's changed that this child is his glory.  The rap went like this "Last time the miscarriage was so tragic/We was afraid you'd disappear/But nah baby, you're magic," He talks about how sad Beyonce was but the daughter was conceived in Paris, France.  The rap was really nice and Im so happy for the two! 

"Glory" By Jay-Z

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My First Blog & My Idea of Blogging:)

As the new year comes I decided that maybe it's time to start off my year with a fun new hobby! I first learned about blogging from my manager who is always talking about how much she loves blogging! I figured maybe if I start blogging it will be a good release at the end of the day to write down all my thoughts and share what has been going on in my life. There are days where you don't feel like talking to anyone or being able to say what you really want to and I feel like with this blog I can say what I want when I want and maybe some of you really wont care but it'll mean the world to me. I'm super excited to finally start and I hope everyone else enjoys my blog and can sometimes even relate to it!! :)
Anything you guys can help me out with to make my blogging easier?!? I would love to hear your thoughts!:)