Friday, February 10, 2012

Okay so recently I have sucked at blogging and I'm really upset with myself because I was determined to be posting almost every week. Lately I have been really busy with school on my weekdays and work on my weekends. As I went about me daily routines I had to started to realize something almost everyday and yes it has started to officially bug me. I noticed lately that there are a few actual gentlemen left out here. It kinda sucks because I
Always thought that men were raised to just know that they should treat women with respect and treat them like princesses:). Therefore, I have examples of my no chasity rage lol. Recently I had a man slam the door in my face and HE CLEARLY SAW ME. one time I won't ever forget was a man yelling at my manager because he didn't have his receipt and couldn't return his purchase. A man about six foot, big, and yelling at my tiny manager who looks to me exactly like Kim kardashian was having to deal with this ridiculous man and I felt so bad for her. Like why would he raise his voice to her, a real gentleman would not do that!...just saying. Also another time was when this jackass cuts right in front of me, well kinda, we got there at the same time at Panda Express and I was clearly going to beat him to the line and the jerk made it seem like it was a race and I wasn't informed we were going race in line to get food, anyways long story short I got there before him and he ran in front of me and stood in front, like really? A gentleman would've said something along the lines of "oh you go ahead LADIES FIRST" I'm glad they ran out of his favorite chicken at that point..Call me old school but I think that being s gentlemen should be a trend that actually lasts forever.. Bon Jour for now ivpromise I blog some more ridiculous stuff ASAP:)